Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sri Krishna Janmashtami - Vittal Pindi

Vittal Pindi is the famous Sri Krishna Leelotsava celebrations held annually during the Sri Krishna Janmashtami at the world famous Udupi Sri Krishna Temple in Karnataka. Though celebrations for Janmashtami starts from August 24 itself, Vittal Pindi celebration for year 2016 date is August 26. The unique aspect of Vittal Pindi is that a clay murti of Sri Krishna is prepared for the occasion and is immersed in the Madhwa Sarovara Pond. Usually the Utsava Murti is made of Gold, Silver or Bronze.

The highlight of Vittal Pindi is the colorful procession of the Utsava Murti of the Udupi Sri Krishna Temple. Thousands of people arrive to witness the procession of Sri Krishna. The procession is held in the afternoon and is joined by fancy, folk, and cultural troupes. Tableau representing episodes from the life of Sri Krishna is part of the procession. During the early hours of the Vittal Pindi day the Janmashtami celebrations, which began at midnight, conclude.

Vittal Pindi is also known as Sri Krishna Leelotsava as the procession is dedicated to the leelas of Sri Krishna especially those of his childhood. ‘Vittal’ is derived from the word ‘Vittala’ which is Lord Krishna's childhood name. ‘Pindi’ is derived from the word ‘Banda’, which means earthen pot containing milk, curds, butter, and so on. Sri Krishna in his childhood days was known to break earthen-pots containing milk, butter, and curds. With the passage of time, ‘Vittala Banda’ came to be known as ‘Vittal Pindi’.

Happy Sri Krishna Janmashtami everybody! Enjoy the celebrations!


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